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Veronica Start - Vocalist, Songwriter

When life gives you lemons, as the old proverb goes, make lemonade. Nobody disagrees more than Veronica Start. The Canadian EDM pop artist is more of a chuck it back kind of person, and her music is proof. Her soulful electronica is designed to help you battle the powers of resistance and keep you company along the way.  “My person and my art are essentially to offer hope for all who suffer,” she explains. “A comforting voice of love that may catch you in a dark moment, so it may deliver you like others did for me.”


Music has always been Veronica's secret weapon, literally. As a teenager she honed her vocal skills in clandestine fashion, emulating singers like Ofra Haza, Kate Bush, and Aretha Franklin. Having suffered a childhood of poverty and abuse, music was how she plotted against the demons of her past. By the time she was in her 20s she began winning karaoke contests. It prompted her to move to Vancouver in the 90s and sing professionally.


There she got involved with the city's first digital studio and began writing her own songs. In 2006 she released her debut EP, Star Mixes, featuring the track "You're a Star." This indie single achieved #11 in the UK's Music Week pop charts, becoming a dance floor hit in Scotland. Later that year she recorded a reworked version of Kate Bush's “Running Up That Hill” with producer Robbie Bronnimann aka Supersaw. And in 2007 she released a single called “Unrequited.” Between the three she's received international airplay and garnered support from popular radio and club DJs like Sasha, Armin Van Buuren, Above & Beyond, and Graham Gold. Her music has also been featured on Ministry of Sound, Kiss100 & Galaxy FM in the UK, and BPM in the USA.


“My songs are always about redemption through spirituality but can also be love songs. I never had and currently, don't have a support network for what I do, I operate on pure inspiration and prayer and good advice from people placed before me. I spent many, many years exploring psychology and spiritual practices to exercise my demons, so my new songs are about pure hope and truth.”


Veronica Start is currently developing an exciting online course: SING WITH SOUL IN SEVEN WEEKS.